Marketing & Growing Your Business

In today’s competitive marketplace, success is dependent upon clear and consistent marketing plans that make a company's products or services stand out from the competition. Here are a few of the public sector marketing resources available throughout the state.

Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Make a list of your businesses goals, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze potential customer base for particular products
  • Consider product advantages and how they will be leveraged
  • Determine a pricing strategy for services and products
  • Create promotional programs, media outreach and advertising to reach preferred customer base
  • Evaluate short and long-term goals to ensure the best results

How to Market Your Business

Market your business through print, online and radio media, if possible. This can be done through purchasing advertising or via strategic public relations. Convince the customer why your company and your services would be their optimal choice. If your budget allows, utilize the services of a marketing firm to get your plan started.

Target customers that are most likely to benefit from your services and will provide you with the most sales.

Understand market size and trends that will affect your customer base.

Know your competition by realistically assessing and comparing your strength and weaknesses. Compare products, services and performance.

State and Federal Contracting Resources

Marketing Your Company within the State

SourceSC is a product, material and service locator program designed to help new and existing South Carolina companies connect with South Carolina vendors and suppliers. The program utilizes resources from the South Carolina Department of Commerce, the South Carolina Technical College System, economic development allies, and national databases to match a company’s needs with in-state resources.